Professional cartoonist
Comic strip artist
Cartoon strips - "The Politician", ‘Crumb'

I'm a professional cartoonist living in Auckland, New Zealand. I work from a studio at home, I produce two daily cartoon strips, they're called "The Politician" which has been running for over twenty five years and is syndicated to papers in eight countries and 'Crumb' my new strip about a blackbird. I was born in England, at school I excelled at drawing cartoons in the margins of my maths book and falling asleep. On leaving school I studied production engineering for five years then jumped on a aircraft bound for New Zealand where I've lived ever since. I was employed as an illustrator and cartoonist by New Zealand's largest daily newspaper, the New Zealand Herald, for three years. But for the last twenty five years I've been pretending to work from home as a comic strip artist.
With love
David Fletcher

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