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Joshy George

Cartoonist Josy George


Born At kakkanad in

 Ernakulam district , Joshy George had great Aptitude for Cartoon even from childhood. Durig  his college days he proved his mettle as the sub

 Editor of Clap a film based  homour magazine. His Writings and sketches used to appear in Deepika

 ,Kerala times ,Enadu ,Deshabhimani ,janmabhumi ,manorama,  manorajayam,Asadhu ,sarasan, Narmada,chembarathi,chemb

akum ,inquest ,trial, mukharekha,sargadhara ,kochi digest.

            The mantle Of general

 Editor of cartoon dwaivarika (biweekly of Cartoons) fell on Joshy George in 1986. He has had his Stintas the Editor of the kerala cartoon Academy periodical.  Cartoon Patrika  and the editor in Charge of th

e consumer protection Magazine .He was functioned as the Secretary of the kerala Cartoon Academy. Corrently, he is a member of the kerala journalist Union,Samastha

 shithya parishith,Dakhina Bharathiya Hindi pracharana sabha, Malayala Sahithya mandalam etc.

            Joshy George was the staff cartoonist of the para

 humour magazine from Kochi   . His talk sheshamVishesham ( A sort of a critical peep into the stories

 behind the stories appearing in the print  media )telecast on ACV is very popular. Now he is working as Chief Sub-Editor

Of  NEW AGE business daily.

 He resides At Kuzhiyanjal ,



            Near Aluva in

 Eranakulam district.

Parents:  K P George


Wife :  Sindhu

Daughter: Aiswarya

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