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Paul Brennan

Legal cartoonist
AFR, Lawyers Weekly, Proctor, Law & Disorder eZine.
Author of The law is an Ass...Make sure it doesn't bite yours.

In 1987 in Sydney I started drawing cartoons.  I was first published in Hong Kong in 1992.  I only draw legal cartoons. The main character is called John Fytit (pronounced "Fight it") and has a passing physical resemblance to my principal during articles who eventually became a Judge.

 I tell you this as I want to make it clear that the John Fytit character is not me. After asking me "Who draws the cartoons?" this tends to be the second question that I am asked.

 As in real life all the lawyer characters look the same. Lady lawyer characters are a bit thin on the ground but when they do appear they have glasses and pointy heads.


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