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Hi friends,

I am born in 1945 with the name Jan Baptist Nathalia Maria Neggers.
As a child it appeared I was more interested in color pencils and wasco than toys like a train or a ball.
When I was 12 years old I won a price in a contest published by the school community. From that day on drawing and painting has a very important roll in my life. Several years at the academy and many workshops has made me to who I am now. I´ve been selected many times by the European aquarelleinstitution. Even a few of my works are sold on a auction by Sothebys.
Every drawing, painting or sketch is a journey for me. I still learn new things every day. Keeping focused, that´s the message, but I try to keep it fun. From all the disciplines I have learned till today, watercolor paintings,caricature & cartoon are my favorites.
Let´s hope we will meet each other somewhere.
My blog - http://baptist-cabap.blogspot.com/

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