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* Talal Hasan Mohammad Ahmad Alnayer (Nayer)
* Cartoonist, journalist, political activist, comic's creator.
* Born in 13/1/1983 in Umm Rawaba Town in Northern Kordufan State, Sudan.
*Work with Ajras Alhurriya Daily Newspaper and Semsema comics' magazine.
* Worked in:
1-Sudan Vision Daily Newspaper (December 2004- June 2006)
2- Ray Alshaab Daily Newspaper (November 2006- February 2008)
3- Semsema Comics magazine (July 2007-now)
4- Ajras Alhurriya Newspaper (March 2008-now)
* Wrote some political articles, short stories, reports, interviews for some Sudanese newspapers like Ray Alshaab, Alsharea Alseeyasi, Ajras Alhurriya, and Alkhartoum Aljadeeda Magazine.
* Studied Civil Engineering in Sudan University for Science and Technology (Section of Structure).
* Participated in some individual and collective exhibitions in Iran, Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Jordon, participated in 3 local exhibitions made in: Sudanese Media Center (SMC) – 2003, Germen Cultural Center – 2004 and Sami Alhajj's cartoon exhibition in 2008.
*Published some of my cartoons and articles in specialist, websites, magazines and books.
I published my cartoons in Goftar -E- Saber Magazine (Iran), Stren Magazine (Germany), Kiks (Serbia), Azer Caricatura Biz Magazine (Azerbaijan) and Don Quichotte Magazine (Germany).
* I wrote an article about The Sudanese Cartoon History published in book (World Cartoon) by Bayram Hajizadeh in January 2009.
*Prizes and honorable mentions:
1- Special Honor Diploma from 1st International Molla Naserddin contest- Azerbaijan 2008
2- Second place in Sami Alhajj contest (Professionals Section) – Sudan 2008
3- Excellency Prize from (Great Personalities from Romania) contest - Romania 2009
4- Special Prize from 2nd International Molla Naserddin contest- Azerbaijan 2009.

Email: camachoshow@yahoo.com
Blog Address: www.tnayer.blogspot.com
Cell phone: 00249924540813

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